Creative Techniques
for Interior


In recent years the continuous work of experimentation and research has led us to create a new production area of Agile dedicated to Interior Design. Agile Interiors has inherited Agile’s experience and history in the fashion world, transferring it to a new sector dedicated to furniture, shaping the creativity and inspiration of designers and designers.


Agile Interiors offers solutions to make custom prints and items to coat your space in 360 degrees. Starting from the walls with prints on different materials such as fiberglass, wallpaper, leather wallcovering, faux leather, and then covering up padded like sofas, armchairs or cushions with leather and semiliress but especially thanks to the collaboration with Cover Max Resine of Florence, Agile began to create resin flooring with prints with bright colors that recreate an idyllic atmosphere.

Our Artworks

Agile Interiors has created three collections of graphics created by the internal graphics team. Floranimals collection features animals and vegetation to immerse yourself in a tropical-style setting. Marmonte has a more material imprint, from marble to wood revisited in a modern way. Finally Shade & Shapes where all the geometrics are enclosed and degrades possible.

Floranimals Collection

Marmonte Collection

Shades & Shapes Collection

Our Materials

I materiali su cui si può stampare sono moltiplici, carta da parati vinilica come la Scratch e molte altre, la fibra di vetro Cool adatta a ambienti umidi grazie al trattamento idrorepellente e grazie alla resinatura di Cover Max Resine è  adatta a pavimentazioni, pelle e tessuti per imbottiti e tendaggi. Tutti completamente personalizzabili con la propria grafica e la finitura più adatta al progetto del cliente. Scopri tutto il nostro campionario.

Fibra di Vetro

Carta da parati



Special Techniques

In addition to digital printing Agile Interiors has introduced new features, all customizable on the needs of the customer such as animal prints, 3D effect, glossy effect on leather, polyurethane and faux-leather. Discover them all by requesting the catalog!


Agile has a showroom where you can view our live materials and the sample that we make available to the customer. Book the appointment with our sales agent immediately.


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