Water-based inks for

optimal and sustainable results.

Creating new production models is our goal, so we have always been committed to finding new materials and tools to make our production more sustainable.

Our certifications

To achieve this goal, we apply the “Chemical Management 4sustainability” protocol according to the ZDHC – Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals roadmap to zero.

The implementation of the Protocol ensures compliance with a series of requirements for the management of the production processes of the company and its supply chain that have as their ultimate goal the gradual elimination of toxic and harmful chemicals.

The company that produces these products is committed to tracking its production and to reducing the environmental and social impact through the independent system 4sustainability®.

Two different types of inks

Ink P

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Ink E

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We respect the environment by using environmentally friendly water-based inks with fully recyclable cartridges and energy-efficient printers.

Our products are certified in compliance with strict criteria related to human health, environmental protection and low emissions in indoor environments (UL ECOLOGO, UL GREENGUARD GOLD).

The advanced energy efficiency of our production is testified by the brand ENERGY STAR.

The sustainability of the electronic components used in our production is certified by the EPEAT Bronze certificate.


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